The Beliefs of Im

Im will help you discover beautiful skin through daily care, and experience increased confidence and happiness.
We find beauty in faces that are full of life and joy—a beauty that is created from within.
Im products are created to bring happiness and inspiration to people around the world. That is our belief.

With All Our Heart

Do you put off caring for yourself to look after your family and loved ones? You are not alone.
Every day, we build up layers of invisible stress from work and relationships.

Recharge your energy with a delicious dinner.
Take off your makeup and take a deep breath.
Spend some time to re-evaluate yourself.

“I’m a little tired today.” On days like this, you need to take care of your skin more carefully than usual.
Once your skin is plump with nourishing moisture, you can look ahead with confidence. “Tomorrow is looking good.”
Im brings you products that are always by your side during your precious moments.

Because you use them every day, we want our products to be as effective as possible.
Each brand embodies Im Quality and is crafted to help make your life better.

Our Goals

In our mission to “bring the best of Japan to the world,” we discovered Rice Power® No.11 Extract, developed by a brewery in Kagawa. Rice Power® No.11 Extract was born from the combination of rice x Japan’s unique fermentation technology and has the power to nurture the skin’s own moisture. This discovery led us to our next goal—using Rice Power® No.11 Extract to develop and commercialize a product for atopy sufferers with hypersensitive skin.

We know that once your skin improves, you feel more positive and experience increased happiness. Driven by the desire to see smiles on the faces of women and children, we unveiled our RICE FORCE skincare brand in 2000. RICE FORCE has been loved by its many fans for many years.

In 2015, we joined forces with Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Co., Ltd., to underscore the integrity of Im Quality. Since then, we have added our product, BRIGHTAGE, a skincare brand that brought together the best-in-class research and technology from pharmaceutical companies, and Regain Triple Force, a product developed based on the concept of antiglycation. Our product lineup is thus evolving to offer support for people with wide-ranging beauty and health needs.

We are a mail order company that connects directly with our customers. We value this close communication as it allows us to develop deeper relationships with each individual customer.

“Bringing beauty and health to everyone.This is how we contribute to the society.”

Over the years of answering our customers’ needs, we have earned their trust and have achieved numerous accomplishments. It is thanks to our loyal customers, the support of our clients, and the hard work and perseverance of everyone at this company that has enabled us to come this far. To all of you, I give my heartfelt gratitude.

As we become increasingly aware of our health in a world where more people are living to 100, we hope to keep on delivering both beauty and health through our mail orders to make our customers happy, and to realize a society where it is possible to believe in a bright future for us all.

In order to continue to be a company that is trusted and needed we will continue to cherish every encounter. With our heartfelt aim of delivering smiles and joy to everyone, we look forward to your valuable continued patronage.

Representative Director President and Corporate Officer

Masamitsu Ishitsuka