Our Creation

Our promise to you is that Im products are unique and will always meet your needs. Our wish is to put a smile on the face of everyone who uses our products. At our labs, we work together, from the development team to the sales team, to create our one simple aim—Im Quality.

RICE FORCE. Nurture your skin.

Containing over 40% Rice Power® No.11 Extract, an active ingredient made from fermented Japanese rice. A quasi-drug skincare treatment that deeply moisturizes and nurtures your skin.

Let your true self shine.

Bringing together the findings of pharmaceutical company research, BRIGHTAGE uses the key active ingredient “tranexamic acid” to deliver a multipurpose quasi-drug skincare treatment that will leave your skin supple, bright, and deeply moisturized.

Remake your body. Create your future.

The ultimate product in the Regain Series that utilizes the scientifically proven results of pharmaceutical companies. This is a designated quasi-drug provided in tablet form that support people who want to stay “forever young.”