“Because I’m still young,” “When my child’s a bit older,” “I’m busy with work...”

As we live our busy lives, we all find excuses to put off caring for ourselves.
But your skin is yours forever. Your actions today will shape your skin of tomorrow.

BRIGHTAGE is all about functionality, and the pursuit of the beauty of bare skin. We will help you have it all—skin that is firmer, lighter, and deeply moisturized.
This is our gift for those of you who want to care for your skin as it matures. Achieve bright and beautiful skin, in two easy steps.

Skincare that incorporates the findings of pharmaceutical company research

BRIGHTAGE is a cosmetic skincare product perfected by Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare, a company with an extensive portfolio of pharmaceutical offerings. BRIGHTAGE was developed by drilling down into the root causes of skin issues, and is an aging care collection that offers four functions: moisturizing, relaxing, enhancing, and protecting. Centered on our original active ingredient “tranexamic acid,” BRIGHTAGE takes a multi-faceted approach to enabling firmer, lighter, and deeply moisturized skin. Evaluation tests have also proven it effective in making fine lines from dry skin less conspicuous. Use BRIGHTAGE every day for simple effective skin care. Achieve beautiful skin with cleansing + two steps.

A multi-faceted approach to adult skin problems

Skin problems that occur with aging.
Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare has long been researching issues facing aging skin, such as dryness, blemishes, and lack of elasticity. Findings indicate that “aged skin inflammation”*1 is deeply connected to these skin problems. The company also discovered that its original active ingredient “tranexamic acid” is effective against the causes of aged skin inflammation.
Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare is pushing ahead with R&D that is based on the unique concept of creating pharmaceuticals that drill down into the root causes of skin issues. The result is BRIGHTAGE—a product that enables firmer, lighter*2, and deeply moisturized skin.

  1. Aged skin is skin that has over time become susceptible to issues such as blemishes, lack of elasticity, dryness, and roughness. Aged skin inflammation is where the skin is in a mildly inflamed stated and is one of the causes of these skin problems (which occur daily).
  2. Suppresses melanin and prevents blemishes and freckles.

“I realize that I should have some kind of aging care regime in place, but I’m busy and I don’t have the time.” Many of the people drawn to Im say this. With BRIGHTAGE, we placed ourselves in the shoes of our customers and approached development from a functional standpoint. The result is a star offering, an emulsion essence we call “Lift White Perfection.”

Apply Lift White Perfection after your lotion and your cleansing regime is complete in just two steps. Because we deliver products by mail order, we listen to even the most casual remarks of our customers and use them to improve services and develop new products.

With BRIGHTAGE, we make four commitments: (1) safe and secure domestic production; (2) no added synthetic fragrances or coloring; (3) no added ethanol; and (4) allergy tested*3. Additionally, we also use ultra-pure water, which has an affinity with cosmetic ingredients. Skillful maintenance and management are necessary to master the machines used to produce ultra-pure water. In Japan, there are very few companies that use ultra-pure water for lotion; most stop just short at the pure-water (purified water) stage.

  1. Not guaranteed to be allergy-free for all people.

Let your true self shine.

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