Regain Triple Force

Every day you are busy with work, home, and family. You can enjoy your busy life with a smile because of the spring of energy that wells up from inside you.
Regain helps replenish that well of energy. Make every day your best wherever your are in life.
And stay young and overflowing with energy.

Remake your body to face the challenges of tomorrow with Regain.

The ultimate product in the Regain Series

Since its debut in 1988, Regain has been supporting people who work hard.
Developed by a pharmaceutical company based on scientific evidence, Regain Triple Force is the ultimate product in the Regain Series of products released under the new brand concept of “stay young.” Originally available as a drink and now re-imagined as a tablet, Regain Triple Force is contributing to the creation of a society where people live well into their hundreds. This product is our gift to people who want to stay healthy, and stay young.

A scientific approach to the physical declines caused by aging

Physical issues such as weakness and fatigue and lack of concentration increase as you grow older. We have conducted repeated research and studies on the physical concerns and declines that are caused by aging from a pharmaceutical company perspective. Our findings show that glycation is deeply connected to aging issues. We have also found that the original ingredients Liverall and Biotamin in our Regain drink act to counter the mechanism of glycation.
This led the Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare development team to focus on glycation, culminating in the release of Regain Triple Force, a new concept in aging care that combines Liverall and Biotamin with Pantethine.

Daily accumulation is important for aging care. To make it easy to continue taking the supplement, Regain Triple Force condenses the original three ingredients into two tablets to be taken daily, and delivers them by mail order.

Im delivers products manufactured by pharmaceutical companies straight to the customer. Connecting directly with the customer allows us to form close bonds and hear the customer’s voice, which we can then reflect in future product development. As your “energy” partner, we take to heart everything from how we craft our products to the smiles that we receive.

Regain Triple Force is manufactured at designated factories in Japan under pharmaceutical-level quality control and a thorough hygiene management system so that customers can use it with peace of mind. Daiichi Sankyo’s original active ingredients, Liverall (which promotes energy production), Biotamine (which encourages the metabolism of sugars), and Pantethine (which encourages the metabolism of lipids) have all been used in medical settings for over 50 years. We focus on delivering pharmaceutical company–level quality and providing our customers with products that meet the needs of their daily lives.

Remake your body. Create your future.

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