“Have you changed your makeup regime?” “Your skin looks beautiful.” When you first try RICE FORCE, you feel that maybe your skin has changed. But it’s when your friends and family start to comment that you become sure.
RICE FORCE nurtures the power of your skin to make itself beautiful.

Say goodbye to the era of moisturizing your skin from the outside. Your skin can now moisturize itself—from the inside.
Experience beautiful skin, wherever you are in life. The more you use, the fresher your skin becomes from the inside. Join us on a journey to beautifully textured skin.

Skincare that evokes the power of bare skin

Rice Power® No.11 Extract.
Bringing you the power of rice fermentation—unexplainable by science—drop by drop.
RICE FORCE contains a high concentration of the only active ingredient recognized in Japan to effectively improve* the skin. The key to creating moisture is “ceramide,” which is created by our own bodies and holds moisture inside the skin. As you continue to use it, moisture will take root and restore the original beauty of your skin. The texture of your skin is smoothed from deep within, leaving your skin firm, supple, and translucent. These changes in the skin have been verified by skin analyses that show clear results based on comparisons of the skin before and after use. RICE FORCE is a long-selling and proven skincare collection that has been beloved since its launch in 2002.

  • Improved ability to retain water

The infinite possibilities hidden in rice

Dryness, wrinkles, blemishes, dullness, clogged pores, sagging, and skin problems that cannot be resolved even with careful daily attention—How much have you been able to change your skin with skincare products? Can these problems fundamentally be resolved?
Our development goals have focused on the concept of self-sustaining nurturing of the skin, rather than relying on skincare products. We wanted to harness the vitality of nature. The result was “Rice Power Extract,” a substance with unlimited potency and potential.
This splendid material of natural origin first came to the attention of Im president Noritaka Numata, who commercialized it as a product for hypersensitive skin, “Atopi Light Cream.” It proved capable of improving skin as dry as that of atopy sufferers. After that, motivated by the voices of joy of its users, Im developed the skincare collection, “RICE FORCE.” Since then, we have expanded our lineup of products that are based on Rice Power Extract. From the very beginning, we have taken every step of this journey with our customers, and now our products are beloved by people of all ages, from people in their 20s to people over 70.

Products are planned and designed with sales strategies in mind. Understanding this, we consider various ways to incorporate Rice Power Extract into feasible product recipes when developing products. Then, after receiving feedback, the planning team further refines the strategic plan.

We repeatedly produce prototypes and improve our products until we are comfortable with what we have. This is how new products are made. In some cases, it can take two years from planning to release. For live Rice Power Extract to fulfill its main role, we need to carefully select the ingredients to be combined with it. The planning team and the development team work together in the spirit of co-creation to improve how products are crafted so that our customers are satisfied.

Rice Power Extract is made from 100% Japanese white rice. It is made by fermenting and aging the rice for about 90 days using the power of nature in the form of koji mold, yeast and lactobacillus. The power of fermentation realized through the action of microorganisms draws out an unknown power that cannot be explained by science. Rice Power Extract, a substance that combines the power of rice and fermentation, is a condensed form of nature’s ability to nurture the skin. Combinations of bacteria and fermentation give rise to an infinite number of extracts. Each of these results in a Rice Power Extract with a different effect, which we blend to create the desired extract. Determined to take more responsibility for the rice that is the main ingredient, we have also started growing our own rice.

Giving your skin the power to nurture its own moisture.

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