Im and the Community

Im is headquartered in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.
We are closely involved with the local community, participating in activities such as rice production and event sponsorship.

Taking on the Challenge of the “Sixth” Industrialization

Agriculture (production of rice as a raw material) x Processing (cosmetics manufacturing) x Distribution sales (mail order). To protect Japan’s rice culture and expand the possibilities of agriculture, Im is taking on the challenge of realizing the “sixth” industrialization. We are working hand in hand with the local community to utilize specially cultivated rice as a cosmetic ingredient.

Rice Field Project

Im’s Rice Field Project was launched in 2019 with the idea of spreading Japan’s rice culture to the rest of the world. From planting to harvesting, Im employees participate in all aspects of the cultivation of Oidemai rice specially grown in Kagawa Prefecture. This is Im’s attempt to be a part of the entire cycle, from producing rice, the main ingredient of RICE FORCE, to obtaining the rice extract from the harvested rice and blending it into Im’s products.

Supporting Local Activities

To support the local community, Im sponsors and hosts local events and participates in various support activities.
Here are some of our efforts so far.


RICE FORCE is connecting to the local community through a range of activities, such as by sponsoring the annual Shikoku Konpira Kabuki Oshibai event, a kabuki theater performance that heralds the coming of spring in Shikoku and local Internet media venture Setouchi Sunny, exhibiting in booths at events sponsored by the Shikoku Shimbun, supporting local sports organizations, and inviting elementary school students to a tour to the logistics center at the company’s headquarters.
RICE FORCE is also a co-sponsor of the Hoshizora Wedding (Ishigakijima) and the Nanohana Wedding (Minamiizu), showing our support for people taking their first steps towards a new life together.


BRIGHTAGE is a sponsor of the Grand VIEWTY lifestyle outdoor event showcasing the beauty of nature, food and music. In 2019, Grand VIEWTY was held at the Kakinuma Nature Park Campsite in the Ibaraki Prefecture.

Environmental Initiatives

As a member of the Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Group, we participate in COOL CHOICE (a national movement sponsored by the government to encourage “smart choices” to combat global warming). In addition, we use LED lighting throughout our headquarters and warehouses, we also use heat-resistant paint on the roof of the company building to reduce environmental impact.